About Us

A must have hotel technology solutions that are all you need to run your daily hotel operations smoothly. Featuring a

There are many factors to consider in selecting the best hotel management system that fits perfectly for your property. A product that can deliver the features and functionality that’s innovative, economical , effective and user-friendly.

Something that will make your daily task faster and see results that will improve the overall performance of your property.

StreetGooser designed a single platform for small to medium-sized accommodations. It includes a cloud-based PMS , a Channel Manager, a Booking engine, Rateshopper, and other essential tools combined together in a simpler interface.

Hoteliers can now manage the hotels front desk, back end and online channels in as easy, efficient, real time anytime anywhere. Plus, we have our highly skilled experts to support you every step of the way.

We empower hoteliers from exotic destinations to be known worldwide through our technology, our platform and our expertise.