A Technology Built ForThe Accommodation Providers

Discover a single dashboard that empowers every accommodation providers to do more and stay in control anytime,anywhere

We offer a full suites technology where you can choose the best features that's right for your business and pay only what you need.

Hotel & Resort

Our Cloud-based property management system automates hotels and resort daily task so you can focus more on your guests.

Allows you to manage your daily operations anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet and login to any device.

Save a lot of time with automated room assignment from OTAs, website, and Walk-in all are in sync.

Auto update your inventory data across channels from one place

Vacation rentals

The most affordable property management system for your vacation rental

A centralized dashboard that is all you need to manage and control everything

If you have multiple vacation rental with listing across multiple OTAs, worry no more, we provide a built-in channel manager with a centralized access to sync and streamline your online channels with ease

Serviced Apartments

Easy to use apartment management system that auto update your inventory across online channels from one place

Focus on what really matters to improved your opreations and guest experiences

Increase your direct bookings with our website builder integrated with payment gateway. Let your guest book with instant confirmation hassle free.

B&Bs & Homestays

Choose the right technology for your B&Bs and homestays without spending to much.

We offer a complete suite for all your accomodation needs from selling your rooms to different online platform worldwide, manage your reservation, control your rates & inventories and a lot more

Optimize your website for mobile to ensure potentail guest will have a better user experiences convert more loyal guests.

All in one accommodation management system

Sync in real-timekeep track of all bookings OTAs, Website, & Walk-in

Faster check-in and check-out

Auto assigned room

Bird's eye room view

Create new reservation and easily modify upgrade or downgrade

Auto-sync bookings in real-time

Agent & Corporate Management

Instantly connect to agents / corporateAre you looking for a powerful way to increase your revenue?

Increase your revenue from new source

Convert your unsold rooms into revenue

Avoid rate parity

No price war

Direct Bookings

Experience the freedom of direct bookingsWith our platform, you have the ability to offer personalized experiences to your guests, enhancing their overall stay.








Point of sale

cloud-based restaurant managementA software designed and developed to provide you with absolute control of your restaurant anytime, anywhere.

Customized Booking Engine

Cloud-based Restaurant Software

Kitchen Display System

Waiter/Captain Order

Manage Inventory & Recipe

Reports & Analytics

The Only TechnologyYour Accommodation Will Ever Needs

Stay in-sync with yourdaily hotel Operations.

Manage your reservations, in-stay experience and back office reporting with the same app. Discover seamless integration and error free transactions.

Simple and effective tools fora small hospitality business.

Designed for homestays, vacation rentals, and small hotels. Equip your business with industry leading tools to suit your accomodation type.

Affordable plans to modernizeyour hospitality business

Pay as you go. Zero setup charges. No lock-in contract. Choose from flexible plans that you will appreciate.

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