Multi-Calender - Cloud-based Accommodation Management System

We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

Centralized Calendar totrack everything in one place

Have a quick look of rooms status which are occupied, vacant, and blocked. It also shows the total number of available rooms per room type. Displays all bookings in a Calendar view.

You can easily search for complete listings of arrival, inhouse, departure, and upcoming bookings from a color-coded Calendar view.

Both online and offline bookings are synced directly to Calendar from OTAs, Website, and Walk-in in real-time, the system will automatically assign a room, and you can relocate easily in case guest prefers a different room just one click from the Calendar and you get to access the guest booking details and edit from there.

Bird's eye view

room view

Multi reservationcalendar

Access guests booking details straight from the Calendar. No matter how many online channel listings you are connected to, you can track them all in a Calendar.

Our Reservation Calendar is a must-have tool if you're running an accommodation. It keeps all your bookings organize. With StreetGooser Multi- Reservation Calendar it keeps everything in one place and never ever missed out a single booking. Simply open your Calendar and you get all the reservations synced in real-time. Access it anytime,anywhere.




Rate & AvailabilityCalendar

Synchronize all your rates and availability in one place. Manage your rates and availability by bulk in our PMS and it will automatically push across multiple online channels that you are connected. No need to spend your valuable time updating all these OTA extranets individually.Save time and avoid overbookings.

Sell your rooms in different ways, you also have an option to create multiple rate plans to make your accommodation more attractive to guest with different needs and preferences.


House Status

easy to use

Our intuitive Multi-Calendarhas quite more features.

It gives you a snapshot of the room status of a specific room number, it displays availability based on room types for a specified date range, unique color code for arrivals, inhouse, departures, upcoming, and marked blocked rooms under maintenance.


Auto room allocation

save time withassigning rooms

When a guest booking has been made, our system automates the allocation of rooms received from multiple channels. Make sure you connect all your listings from various OTAs on our PMS to secure smooth sync processes. All you have to do is check-in the guest upon the expected arrival date. You save time with assigning rooms.

All your bookings are easily accessible from the Multi- Calendar from current to future bookings. Guest reservation details are also displayed from booking source, check-in and check out date, number of guests, total charges, and you can take actions to bookings from the Calendar.



easy to use

MadeEasy for you

Once the guest arrives at the property. Frontdesk will just need to simply open our Dashboard and see the list of today's arrival, inhouse, and departures guests. Once a guest is ready to check-in? You can quickly click on the Check-in button since all rooms are already auto-assigned.

To Check- out guests, simply Click on Check-out button in case the guest has an outstanding balance it will reflect on the system and if needed you can add extra charges, auto generate an invoice, or split bill, you also have an option to print or send it via email easily.


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