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We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

We support world peace ๐ŸŒ This planet is for peace โœŒ

Automate data reports and getperformance updates in real-time.

Use various reports to enhance your operations performance, forecast trends, and to better understand your customers behaviour and needs.

Stay up to date with your property performance.

Get an in-depth insights of your sales and revenue.

The data reports can be collected from past years and months to help you make better decisions and execute endless opportunities which is beneficial to grow your business.

Monitor Business


Track your businessperformance

Get an overview of what's working well and what's not. Have all the reports handy and accessible with StreetGooser Reports & Analytics keeping you updated with instant real-time reports

Get a good sense of how your business is performing. Turn data into useful information to help develop future forecast, marketing plans, and streamline your workflow.


Collection Reports



We have 15 types of instant reports that are readily available to export through excel or csv. Some reports are visual for easier understanding. You can get insights as to which rooms are sellable, what mode of payments does your guests used more often, or which channels most of your guest booked. These are a few to mention.

We are continously enhancing our reporting tools. If you require some special reports other than what we have. Speak to our team and we will try our best to deliver as much as we can especially if it is beneficial for your business growth.


Occupancy Reports


Find out yourOccupancy rate

Looking at Occupancy rates gives you an idea of the demand at your accommodation. Find out your Occupancy rate displayed right on your Home Dashboard. A 6-months trend of daily occupancy percentage updated in real-time.

You can also download the detailed reports on your Dashboard. Through Occupancy Reports you get to predict the current and future cash flow which is an indicator of your business profitability.



automatically generateunlimited invoices

Setting up an Invoice in StreetGooser PMS is so easy simply add your logo and your property details.

From your dashboard just access the guest reservation details and click on the Invoice Tab. You can automatically generate unlimited invoices or split the bill. Then you have an option to print or send the Invoice via email in just a few clicks. Invoices report is also readily available under Reports.


Export Data

export data

generate accurate &real-time reports

In today's digital world, it is really vital to get real-time information and automated reports that give you the power to make faster decisions and deliver the latest information that can be accessed remotely and instantly.

StreetGooser allows users to generate accurate, real-time reports from a single dashboard, download or export via CSV or Excel file access using any device anytime, anywhere. Save your time and effort when it comes to report generation.



create and configurethe user account

Our Reports security settings will help you restrict access to specific users. You can create a role on our PMS, assign permission, and set restrictions to hide reports and control reports visibility.

There might be certain reports that you want to restrict your staff to view it. Only the System Administrator or equivalent role is allowed to create and configure the user account to prevent users from accessing all reports.


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