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Hotel marketing ideasUsing instagram

A hotel is not just any establishment. It is a temporary home and as such a customer will become a guest. Marketing hotels using social media is becoming a trend and involves many social media platforms.

Using Instagram is a popular idea for hotel marketing. If you are still wondering if you should include Instagram in your hotel marketing strategy, continue to read this article, and at the end, you will have your answer.


Does Hotel Marketing Using Instagram Work?

Before starting, it would be interesting if you could take a screenshot of your current profile. We are interested in the number of followers, engagement on your posts including likes and comments. Then make the necessary adjustments with the advice provided in this article and after a few weeks, you can compare your progress. You will see how the positioning of your hotel improves on Instagram. Currently, Instagram is the most engaging visual content social network. Images are its main protagonist, although, with the introduction of Instagram Stories and IGTV, the video format is increasingly getting used. Right now, there are about 800 million registered users on Instagram, of which 25 million are corporate profiles.

Hotel Marketing - Getting Started With Instagram

If you have already created an Instagram account, make sure your bio has the link to your website, contact details, and address. In a visual social network, it is essential to choose photos that will attract attention.

Guest relations
  1. Bear in mind that Instagram is neither a catalog nor a brochure for your hotel: you are not selling rooms but an experience and a lifestyle. Therefore, photos with people enjoying your rooms, food, a beach near the hotel, the mountains, or the city are what creates an expectation.
  2. Include more than just photos of guests but also hotel employees and write something personal in the description, keep it short but interesting. This adds a human aspect to your hotel on a digital platform.
  3. See what the competition is publishing, to know what style of photos you like the most. Think about what these photos say. Use them as inspiration and drive creativity. Try not to copy and be unique.

Hotel Marketing Ideas

To run a business successfully, there are several marketing strategies you can opt for. Social media platforms play an important role in marketing. Instagram plays an essential role in hotel marketing as it involves photos and videos. There are several ideas for marketing your hotel business:

  1. You must have 11-15 hashtags for each post. This improves your visibility. Do not use too many as it will confuse the algorithm and possibly your results.
  2. Use the ‘tag’ function to enter the location of the hotel because each location has its collection of photos and potential guests are interested in them.
  3. If you see posts that are from guests, comment on their photos. The hotel-guest interaction shows browsers that you are an owner who is passionate about your business.
  4. According to WordStream, the best time to post a photo is 5 p.m. on Wednesdays. This is not a rule. We suggest you test posting at different times and see what works best for you.
  5. In general, it is best to post during the day in the morning (when people wake up), at 1 p.m. (when people have lunch), or in the evening (when people have dinner).

Hotel Marketing Using Instagram

Hotel marketing cannot ignore this social network in its strategies. Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and brands cannot afford to ignore the platform. Here are some of the essential factors that help in hotel marketing.

  1. Adding your Instagram profile to your website means getting more followers.
  2. Include a traceable link to the company’s website in the Instagram profile. If a new campaign or promotion is launched, change the link.
  3. Try different editing tools available on mobile, such as VSCOCAM, Afterlight, and Priime.
  4. Maximize the resolution of the photos to 2048 x 1536 pixels for landscapes, 2048 x 2048 for square images, and 1638 x 2048 for portraits.
  5. Use only one filter to give consistency to the brand, cold or warm tones.
  6. Schedule posts in groups: a single click will save time and money, using Facebook Business Suite
  7. Do not forget to include a location, which allows followers to click on it to see more images of the place.
  8. Use one-minute videos, which allows future clients to get into the brand. You have to figure out what works to attract them and focus on that content.
  9. Coordinate the free content generated by users, choosing a day on which to present an account; the public will be more inclined to share things about your brand.

Must-Have For Small Business Owners

As with any new feature on any social media platform, Instagram has been promoting a wide range of audiences. The focus has shifted from image to video, and the newer short video format has taken the platform by storm. This is why small business owners have been turning to the platform to reach more users. Instagram also has a great opportunity for small business owners to promote their products and services. As such, Instagram is a powerful tool for small business owners because:

  1. As of July 2020, there are 1 billion active users on Instagram. 500 million of them show up every day.
  2. More than 130 million users interact with shopping posts every month.
  3. Brand engagement rates on Instagram are 10 times higher than on Facebook.
  4. A third of all Instagram users have purchased at least once through the mobile app.


A hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers, and emojis preceded by the # symbol. It is a way of tagging posts. They are used to categorize content and make it more discoverable. You can click on the hashtag. When you do, you will go to an Instagram page where those publications that are tagged with that hashtag will be displayed. You can also search for a specific hashtag in the Instagram search engine and you will end up on the same page where you will be shown all those entries that contain that tag or hashtag.

Hashtags are an important way to grow and expand your Instagram audience. As mentioned before, when you use a hashtag in your post, it will appear on the search page for that hashtag. Also, people can follow a specific hashtag, which means they might see your post if it contains this hashtag. In this way, people who do not know or know about you or your business can see your posts. This will give you a greater reach and improved visibility for your page. Hashtags can also be a way to generate online community, getting people to interact with your brand.


To expand the uses of the application, Instagram will allow online hotel reservations soon. A couple of months ago, it announced new action buttons that will allow users to reserve a hotel room directly within the application. This strategy could challenge giants like booking and benefit hoteliers by generating more direct bookings. Without a doubt, any hotel marketing strategy should seriously consider having a presence on Instagram. Take advantage of optimizing your company profile until the new online booking functionalities come out.

If you are a hotel or homestay looking at modernizing your accommodation business, StreetGooser has developed software specially designed for small hotel owners. From managing your day-to-day activities like check-ins, automated bill generation, to managing your online channels; We streamline your operations with our powerful app. Now available on PlayStore and App Store.

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